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Having trouble figuring out how to treat your room? Not sure what product would be best? Not sure of the setup of the product within your room? Truwave Acoustics is here to guide you through it.


With our high-quality soundproofing and noise control products and materials, Truwave Acoustics has a solution for almost any noise problem. Name it and we will soundproof it, Truwave can do it.

Room Acoustic Treatment

Truwave Acoustics not only provides the largest selection of high-quality products at affordable prices but provides clients with professional design assistance o help achieve the best acoustically sounding space possible.

With the help of our sound and design experts, we design your space using custom acoustic materials to achieve the perfect sound experience without sacrifice to aesthetics and quality.

The Acoustic Treatment Process

1. Consultation

Allow one of our qualified experts to provide you with the best acoustic guidance for your space.

2. Recommendation

With the help of our experts, we will recommend the best products and treatment that will surely improve the audio quality of your room.

truwave acoustics the acoustic treatment process

3. Purchase

We manufacture our own materials for your soundproofing and acoustic treatment project to provide the most affordable price in the market.

4. Installation

We have the best of the best team for the soundproofing and acoustic treatment for your room.

truwave acoustics the acoustic treatment process

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Why Choose Us

truwave acoustics room design

Room Design

Our designers craft aesthetic and effective sound treatment designs for your space.

truwave acoustics expert audio device

Expert Audio Device

Our experts can assess your room and recommend the appropriate treatment solution for your space.

truwave acoustics installation assistance

Installation Assistance

We also provide installation services at reasonable rates to ensure maximum product performance.

truwave acoustics custom sizes and cuts

Custom Sizes and Cuts

Our products are customizable to fit the needs of your room.

truwave acoustics visual elegance

Visual Elegance

Our sound treatment designs appeal not only to the ears but also to the eyes.

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