Calculate Product Quantity

Use the calculator below to estimate how many absorbers you need for the project.

1 Choose the size of your absorbers

12x12 in
18x18 in
24x24 in
44x80 in

2 Enter the area size or the dimensions of walls

If you already know the total area size of your walls, please enter it here:

If you don't know the total area size please enter the dimensions of your walls below

Height Width Units
Wall 1 X =
Wall 2 X =
Wall 3 X =
Wall 4 X =
Total Wall Area: =

3 Do you want to factor in obstructions such as doors or windows?

Yes No
Height Width Units
Obstruction 1 X =
Obstruction 2 X =
Obstruction 3 X =
Obstruction 4 X =
Total Obstruction Area: =

4 Do you want to make an allowance for wastage?

We recommend adding 10% extra tiles to allow for wastage and accidental damage.

Calculate with 10% extra Calculate without 10% extra

Total Tiles Needed

1245 in2
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