Discover Truwave, as well as the values, people and history behind it.

We help people and businesses create the ideal audio environment through sound proofing and room acoustic treatment.

With the help of our sound and design experts, we design your space using custom acoustic materials to achieve the perfect sound experience without sacrifice to aesthetics and quality.

All building materials have some acoustical properties in that they will all absorb, reflect or transmit any sound striking them. Conventionally speaking, acoustical materials are those materials designed and used for the purpose of absorbing sound that would otherwise be reflected.

Sound absorption is defined, as the incident sound that strikes a material and is not reflected back. An open window is an excellent absorber since the sounds passing through the open window are not reflected back.  However, it makes a poor sound barrier. Painted concrete block is a good sound barrier but will reflect about 97% if the incident sound striking it.

When a sound wave strikes an acoustical material, the sound wave causes the particle makeup of the absorbing material to vibrate. Such vibration converts sound energy to tiny amounts of heat through friction, thereby accomplishing sound absorption through energy conversion.

Our products are designed to absorb sound by eliminating sound reflections. They are very porous, with many pathways that redirect sound. Its large surface area accommodates the friction that causes the conversion of energy from sound to vibration.

Our products have noticeable capacity to block sound, but the absorption properties enhance isolation by stopping air movement that would otherwise allow sound and noise to travel.

Sound absorber thickness has the greatest impact on the sound absorbing qualities. The inherent composition and porousness of our acoustical material is formulated to maximize acoustical performance. Proper application and selection of thickness can greatly improve the acoustic properties of a room without sounding lean or dead.

Jojo has been in the sound treatment industry since 2011. He has a genuine interest in sound proofing and treatment, allowing himself to build a name in the local audio quality community. He will happily oblige to personally address your inquiries and help you like a friend, taking into consideration your budget, and recommending only the products that would help you achieve your ideal audio environment. On some occasions, he would advise clients to improvise, to purchase from another shop, or not to purchase anything from him at all if his products would not suit the goals of the space.

Our business is founded on his expertise, honesty and passion to deliver a good music environment.

Jojo is happily married with three daughters. He received Jesus on 2010 and is presently serving different ministries in a local Christian church. He has been engaged in the recycling and plastic extrusion industry since he was nine.

Truwave Acoustic Enterprises started with our founder Jojo’s love for music. At age 11, he was first exposed to good quality music reproduction when his mom bought a hi-fi system. This interest continued when he had his first car, and developed his passion for car audio equipment.

Some twenty years after, Jojo found himself driving a double cab truck, which had a noisy engine that got in the way of his listening to music. This allowed Jojo to realize the need for a good listening environment.

Because the market lacks budget-friendly acoustic treatment materials, Jojo did a lot of research studying how sound waves react to different parameters, and how these parameters can be adjusted to achieve a room’s ideal sound experience. Applying what he learned, Jojo constructed his home theater, which featured his first improvised sound diffusers and absorbers designed to complement the style of the room. This caught the attention of many friends in the local home theater and audio quality community, and Jojo began receiving inquiries and applying the same room treatment principles to his friends’ spaces.

Jojo’s expertise spread by word of mouth in the community, and before he knew it, even his friends started paying for his acoustic treatment materials and advice, not only in home theaters, but also in recording studios, broadcasting rooms, auditoriums, restaurants and offices. Now, Jojo decided to make this hobby a part-time business so he can share his acoustic solutions materials and expertise to everyone passionate about music and sound.

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