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Recording & Phone Booth

Recording Booth

This soundproof recording booth is an ideal way to record audio and video in a fully protected environment. A special material panel on the wall helps control sound, and acoustic treatment absorbs unwanted sound. The sturdy construction will ensure your sessions can take place in this space for years to come.

Phone Booth

You’ll never hear a peep out of your phone when you’re holed up in the privacy of our roomy, soundproof booth. Enjoy peace and quiet while speaking on the phone. Our acoustic treatment and special material panel create an extra layer of silence around you to make sure that no one can hear what you’re saying.

Work At Home Booth

This booth is designed to provide good sound isolation and reduce any echo. This specially treated material panel is completely sound proof, allowing for low background noise to be heard by the customer, who can work in peace.

Study Booth

Our Sound Proof Booth is designed to fit your needs in a unique, soundproof environment for a better learning experience. The panel offers special features that are rarely seen in other booths – acoustic treatment, structural sound absorption and even a sound proof door.

Private Space Booth

Creating your own space and protection from unwanted sound is essential to be able to get rid of any annoying noise, or even concentrate on what you are doing.

Audiology Booth

The Audiology Booth is a sound proof, acoustic treatment, and special material panel that blends into any environment to help create a relaxing space for clients.

Voice Over Booth

Create the ultimate audio booth for voice over artists with Truwave Acoustics, a sound proofing company that provides acoustic treatment and special material panel. Designed for voice over recording, this green space is ideal for any commercial animation studio or recording studio that needs consistent reliable sound quality.